Sunday, 9 May 2010

Why this page hasn't been updated for a long time...

I have to get through Uni as well as putting all of my sporting thoughts onto paper. The essay stage is over, the exam phase is just beginning and once they are done I will write further articles. To summarise my views on recent events:

The FA fine on Wolves has set a precedent that can't be followed. My previous article showed that I didn't agree with the team selection but the FA have shot themselves in the foot. If Chelsea rest 9 players, are they allowed to do so because their reserves are a better quality than Wolves' reserves? Are Fulham allowed to because they have priorities in Europe? The FA need to find a way out of this. Wolves should not have been fined in the first place.

Chelsea won the league because they were the best side. Far from perfect, but ruthless when opportunities presented themselves. The other teams have no excuses. Manchester United will be stronger next season but there can be no complaints about the destination of the title.

Portsmouth's players deserve credit for getting to the FA Cup final. The club doesn't. They won the trophy in the past living beyond their means and are suffering the consequences now. The sums of money owed to small companies and services are a disgrace.

Luton Town Football Club should have been honest following the events after the York game and acknowledged that they have a sizeable troublesome element within their fan base. Nick Owen's failure to condemn his club's support was almost as poor as the scenes at Kenilworth Road. There are clearly 'real' supporters there who back their team in the right manner but the acceptance of trouble at Luton Town fixtures from the club itself will harm them in the long-term. The sooner it is removed, the better.

Finally, apologies for my prediction a few months ago. Liverpool's revival never happened, Wolves' were not in any significant danger in the last weeks of the season and much to the smug satisfaction of Mike Lewis, Everton most certainly finished above Birmingham. They should qualify for Europe at the end of next season. However poor my calculations were, this season has certainly been entertaining.

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